T&T Logística S/A


International Freight Forwarding

International air, sea and surface freight forwarding for import and export;
Consolidation and deconsolidation shipping (maritime LCL and FCL ), air and truck;
Handling of hazardous materials;
Management of special cargo: military and weaponry, obtaining of transit licenses / permissions;
Door to door international logistics for all regular, project and super sized cargo;
Receiving, storage , inspection and packaging of materials in foreign countries;
Special monitoring services and logistics for chilled, refrigerated or loads with temperature control;
Contracted agents and representatives on all continents;
Customs Clearance for Import and Export.

Customs Clearance

Importation: DI, DSI, DA and Import License;
Exportation: RE, DDE, DES, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin;
Access to Siscomex 24 x 7;
Atypical and special customs regimes;
Advising on the laws of foreign trade;
Drawback , DE, Admission and Temporary Export.

Domestic Trucking

Moving of imported and or exported cargo;
Bonded transit transfer(Airport / Port / Bonded Warehouses);
Qualified professionals for monitoring , scheduling, collection and delivery of cargo to and from import / export customs terminals;
Collection and delivery of cargo in São Paulo city vicinity and São Paulo state cargo import and export and distribution of national or nationalized goods;
Transport of containerized cargo;
Cargo receiving and inspection.

Legal Advice

Consulting and legal advice for international affairs , administrative and legal business. Analysis and adjustment of the tax burden . Analysis and interpretation of the rules of international trade.

Outsourcing Services for Foreign Trade

Outsourcing has been increasingly used by companies as an alternative to reduce costs and redirect internal resources to their main activities . In this segment we are a company specialized in providing export and import services, procedures , management , and staff fully trained to ensure benefits in the form of:

Reduced costs ( payroll taxes, labor, direct labor , benefits );
Appropriateness of activities in the area according to the purpose of each client.


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